Revealed in This Special Report

Could Heart Starvation Be Zapping Your Energy...
Making You Feel Years Older Than You Really Are...
...All Because of One Thing Floating in Your Blood?
Discover how to virtually rewind the aging process, 
regain your energy & stamina from 10-15 years ago.
PLUS... Tap into the strongest defense 
against illness that your body possesses.
“A surprising discovery helps to regulate blood pressure, battle infections, prevent blood clots”
~ The New York Times

“Low levels linked to mental and physical fatigue”
~ CBS News

“It's the key to the kingdom of healthy aging”
~ Baylor University

“Plays an incredible role in healthy living”
~ NBC News
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Imagine having the endless energy and stamina of your 20 year old self.

When you were the healthiest, sharpest, most vibrant version of yourself… Then staying that way for the rest of your life. Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading to discover why experts believe that one thing floating around in the blood of almost everyone over 40, may be starving your vitality.

The solution is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a real life Fountain of Youth...
Doctor With X-Rays
Nobel Prize Discovery
Scientists are unlocking the very secrets of heart health and age reversal right before our very eyes.

All because of a discovery that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. 
And it’s helping so many people reclaim the youth they thought they'd lost forever, because it’s come rushing back...

Dear friend,

Right now, inside your very own cells, there's a healing compound that your body uses to boost your blood flow and reverse some of today's most deadliest health threats.

Threats like:
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol problems
  • Heart attacks
  • ​Strokes
  • ​And more...
Heart Threats
Yet, as you age your risk of these health threats increase.

All because of one thing that could be floating around in your blood, zapping your energy and starving your heart of what it needs to maintain youthful vitality...

...Making you feel like you’re “old” before your time.

This remarkable discovery takes you from feeling exhausted, achy, foggy, and feeling old to feeling younger overnight.

No matter what your age.
Revitalized Blood Cells
It's due to a new twist on a Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough that makes you sharper, healthier, and more energized!

If your heart is starved by this one thing, your blood flow slows to a trickle.
And your heart, brain, skin, muscles, and other organs are then deprived of rich, oxygenated blood which…

... makes your heart pumps harder, and could lead to high blood pressure and cardiac events...

On top of other serious health problems that could be brewing.

Like high cholesterol, sleep problems, brain fog, painful leg cramps and blood sugar imbalances, without you ever feeling the warning signs before it’s too late.

All because of what’s NOT happening in your blood and causing sluggish blood flow.

Sluggish blood flow clogs your arteries, starving your heart.

Heart starvation, causes weak blood flow and allows fatty acids to clog your arteries which causes high blood pressure, elevated plaque, and nutritional deficiencies.

Strong blood flow on the other hand, rushes throughout your entire body.

Your body then bursts with energy, stamina, and vitality, and I’ll tell you how with a simple solution, you can accomplish in just 3 hours, in this special report.
ABC News Confirms
CBS News Bombshell
Scientific American
Dr. Darren Farnesi
Hi, I'm Doctor Farnesi...

One of California's leading doctors, Founder and Medical Director of Medical Age Management, and voted one of San Diego’s Top Doctors.

I’m board-certified and hold the degree of Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine along with the title of Diplomate of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.
And I’ve worked with numerous renowned doctors and medical institutions like the University of California and Stanford University as an investigator in clinical trials for new medical treatments since 2001.

I can honestly say that thousands of people have reversed and even completely rid themselves of age related health issues thanks to the philosophy of Health Care, Not Disease Care.

It’s fair to say that I’ve dedicated much of my adult life to scientific research...

Specifically, to the field of anti-aging…

And for me, this obsession with understanding the aging process and how to stop it is personal.

This may actually be the reason why I became a Doctor in the first place, and it goes back to my childhood...

You see, many years ago…

I Watched Helplessly as My Grandmother Spent Her So-called “Golden Years” in Decline

I grew up “out in the country,” as she called it. In Reno, Nevada at my grandmother's house.

It was a veritable museum of old Native American, early Pioneer artifacts and remnants of bygone eras.

Culled from the hills of old mining and ghost towns, places along the Emigrant Trail, the Pony Express and stagecoach stops.
She loved hunting for “old stuff” and I LOVED to help her.

She had everything from arrowheads and antique bottles to old cars and wagon parts, and so much more..

Some of the happiest memories of my childhood come from the times we spent together.

My grandma was pure love...

Thoughtful, polite, and always happy to play any imaginary game I could think up.

She was the kind of grandma who never forgot to pack the hot soup for our special picnics “in the wilderness.”

Like many older Americans, she hit a certain point and then aged very rapidly…

To me it seemed like she declined over night.

Then she had a heart attack.

To make matters worse, one day shortly after her heart attack, she accidentally ran into the dishwasher door while it was open and cut her leg up pretty badly.

Unfortunately, due to reduced circulation, her leg never healed and it became painful and difficult for her to get around.

After that, my dad moved her to a nursing home close to him.

But to be honest, she was a shell of her former self after the accident.

The hunt for antiques and picnics out in the country seemed so distant after her energy and pep fizzled out.

Looking back at it now, all of my medical training would say that my grandma was just old, that her decline was normal…

And that there was nothing anyone could do.

Eventually my grandma passed away…
But if I’m being honest, I felt like she’d been dead inside long before her last breath…

After my grandma’s death, I went through some serious soul-searching…

I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t help my own grandma.
But I may be able to help you, or maybe your grandma….

I questioned everything I was taught at medical school…

Because before the heart attack one of her doctors took her off one of her medications.

All the while I was advocating, of course, that she go back on it.

However, she was one of those people who believed in her doctor’s word above all else, so she refused.

I was angry for not being able to help her…

Because ALL of her problems were simple circulatory issues…

While it’s too late for me to help my grandma…

I’m determined to help others avoid my beloved grandma’s fate…

By restoring their quality of life and adding on years to be with their loved ones even longer.

Which Is How I Became 
Obsessed With Blood Flow...

Keeping up with life should invigorate you, not wear you out after you climb a few stairs.

Strong Blood Flow Is The Answer...

Whatever state of health you are in right now, or how old you may feel, increased blood flow can take you to a whole new level of radiant health, regardless of your age or present condition.

Feel more alive as you age...

Imagine more abundant energy, pain-free joints, sparkling eyes, a new level of stamina, focus and a zest for living that you remember from your healthiest days.
  • Feel a new surge of energy and endurance
  • Experience deep, soothing uninterrupted sleep
  • Start doing the activities you had given up on
  • ​Ignite your passion as if you were 20 years younger
Other doctors also confirm the fastest way to boost your energy to youthful levels is...

...With more oxygen flowing throughout your blood.

A Blood Flow Improvement of Just 10% Can Keep You Out of a Wheelchair

Richard Collins, MD. reports...
“Researchers say improving a heart failure patient’s blood flow by as little as 10% can mean the difference between them being wheelchair bound or getting around.“
Richard Collins, MD.
Sadly, most adults over 40 don’t produce optimal blood flow.

A recent editorial in the prestigious Daily Health Post confirms the importance of great blood flow and oxygen.

They state: “Your Cells Must Continually Take In Oxygen”

They reveal…
“In order for your body to produce the energy that you need to live, your cells must continually take in oxygen, a process that depends on blood flow and nutrient intake.”

Blood Flows Through Your Entire Body

Blood is literally the “river of life,” transporting oxygen, nutrients, water and hormones to and from every cell in the body.

Just as a river supports life wherever it flows, your blood supports the life of every cell in the body through circulation.
River of Life
Circulating blood also carries away waste.

Wastes that are floating around in your blood like carbon dioxide that travels back to your lungs and other wastes your cells give off like free-radicals.
These wastes in your blood lower life giving oxygen levels that starve your heart of youthful vitality by slowing down blood flow.

Sluggish blood flow means not enough nutrients and oxygen are getting to the rest of your body.

When circulation is weak, the nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood can't get to your brain cells and heart. Your organs start withering on the vine. That’s because a tissue is only as healthy as the blood supply that gets to it.

Since these capillaries, that carry your blood, cover 74% of your body, it makes sense that if you can’t increase your blood flow through them, the vast majority of your organs and cells will be deprived of what they need to stay healthy.

When free flowing nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood can’t get to your organs, the signs of aging accelerate.

Strong Blood Flow Predicts Vibrant Health

Nitric Oxide Flow
Inside your cells, there’s a healing compound that your body uses to boost your blood flow and reverse some of today’s most deadly health threats.

It’s a miracle molecule called Nitric Oxide (N-O for short).

This simple, gaseous molecule plays many critical roles in your body, including…
  • Relaxing and widening your blood vessels for improved circulation and blood flow…
  • Boosting razor-sharp memory and concentration…
  • And supporting the healthy function of virtually every organ in your body...
Can you see how having plenty of nitric oxide affects your overall health?

The problem is… your body's production of nitric oxide starts to decrease when you hit 40 years old - and only goes downhill the older you get.

If you’re a man over forty, your body’s ability to produce nitric oxide can drop by HALF.

And if you’re a woman, studies show that by the time you turn 50, you’re likely producing much less than half of the nitric oxide you did in your twenties.

The bottom line is, if you’re not producing enough N-O… then your blood flow slows to a trickle.

You need to restore your nitric oxide levels to healthy levels to give your heart and your whole body the oxygen and essential nutrients it needs to stay vibrant and healthy.

A strong blood flow throughout your entire body is so productive, it can take you to a whole new level of radiant health, regardless of your age or present condition.

With more blood flow, it’s as if you feel more alive as you get older. Which I’ll reveal exactly how, very soon.
Imagine more abundant energy, pain-free joints, sparkling eyes, a new level of stamina, focus and a zest for living that you remember from your healthiest days.

Now, you might be taking L-arginine with the hopes of increasing your N-O levels.

However, studies show that L-arginine alone isn’t enough to keep your blood flow at optimal levels.
Abundant Energy
In fact, some people have seen little to no improvements at all with just L-arginine alone.

But there is a way to boost the effects of L-arginine, if you combine it with the right amino acid. (more on that in a bit…)

Other N-O boosters rely on foods that are rich in nitrates.

Nitrates in vegetables such as: beets, spinach, bok choy, arugula, rhubarb, cabbage, carrots and lettuce are VERY dependent on the soil and growing season. Just like a good wine. So supplements made from them are NOT a good consistent source. Nor are any beet powdered drinks out there.

In fact, there’s no “standardization,” so the majority of beetroot powders likely contain such small amounts of a plant’s nitrates (if any at all) that they will fail to provide any meaningful benefit. They are all basically just ground up plant material.

While getting your veggies is healthy, they won’t do much for your blood flow.

The solution is already inside each one of us, we just need to tap back into it as we age..

And if we do we can have...

Miraculous Whole-body Healing

Nitric Oxide is the magic inside your blood vessels...

...supercharging blood flow to even the smallest microvessels - a proven life-saver as shown by these early warning scans…

The people in these scans are in serious danger and don’t know it.

Nitric oxide is called the miracle molecule for a good reason. It gives your entire body what it needs for optimal health. You’re not targeting just one organ or condition for healing.

This “whole body” approach makes it one of the most profound health discoveries of the century. The 3 researchers who discovered it won a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

As you may know, cell tissue is ONLY as healthy as the blood supply that gets to it!

As the scans reveal, blood flow in many different body areas can be highly deficient and there are no symptoms.

This is a cause for alarm. Using heat sensing cameras, doctors can detect changes in body heat. The red color indicates a strong blood supply, what you want.

The blue/green areas reveal sluggish blood flow.

Poor circulation is often the root cause of serious illness. You can see how seriously deficient these people are, and they feel fine.
Heart Fatalities
The green and blue around the heart indicate restricted blood flow. The arteries may be clogged.
The back of the brain has poor blood flow - a danger signal - while the front is better. Strong blood flow is badly needed.
Carpal Tunnel
The left hand definitely has sluggish blood flow. Circulation is weak and getting worse. The right hand has fair blood flow at best.

Strong Blood Flow is the Solution

And sufficient levels of nitric oxide support strong blood flow!

It’s essential for helping every cell, organ and tissue in your body. Unlike so many modern medicines, it doesn’t “cover up symptoms” and then declare victory.

This remarkable molecule gets to the cause of what goes wrong in your body and helps correct it in effective, lasting ways. As these scans show, to stay healthy, you’ve got to make sure that blood flow goes through even the smallest of micro-vessels!
Dramatically Improve Blood Flow

Open The Smallest Micro-vessels In Your Body

Consider what medical technology company Advanced IBD reports...
“Almost 74% of all blood vessels in our body are micro-vessels.” 

If stretched out, they’d be 74,000 miles long. The circulation of our blood in them keeps us healthy.
“The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it then relies on these very small vessels for the most remote parts of our body.”

The further your blood has to flow from your heart—like to your legs and feet—the smaller arteries and veins become. 

In fact, they turn into tiny micro vessels, the width of a human hair. They’re that tiny! 

Your blood flow then shrinks to a trickle. 

The 50 trillion cells in your body can’t get all the oxygen and nutrients they need. When your limbs can’t get enough blood, your hands or feet may feel cold or numb.

Your legs and hands might get a blue tinge. Poor circulation also can dry out your skin, turn your nails brittle, and make your hair fall out. 

And if you have diabetes, your scrapes, sores, or wounds tend to heal slower.

Using sophisticated ultrasound imaging, doctors can measure blood flow of the crucial brachial artery. 

A cuff is placed on the forearm and inflated for about 5 minutes, then deflated which instigates blood flow. A healthy artery widens like the one shown above.
Nitric Oxide Ultrasound
This incredible ultrasound reveals how nitric oxide is widening arteries.

The green arrows show the impressive increase in diameter of the artery. The red arrow shows how remarkably fast the blood is flowing as a result. 

It’s the secret for a healthy heart and blood pressure.

Imagine a Powerful Flow of Energy to Every Organ, Cell and Muscle in Your Body

Nitric oxide stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the major source of energy produced by your cells.

When your cells get more oxygen and nutrients, this greatly enhances ATP, giving you a surge of energy, the key to living a much more active life and beating endless fatigue.
Oxygenated Blood
BloodFlow-7 helps you use oxygen much more efficiently so you can do much more on less oxygen.

In a clinical study at the University of Exeter, scientists found that nitric oxide helped individuals improve their exercise endurance by a stunning 20%. 

Using your oxygen more efficiently is like getting more mileage on a gallon of gas.
People all over the U.S.A. are Tapping into God’s Genius Creation for Healing (even those who lost hope.)

Blood Nourishes Every Inch Of Your Body, Cell By Cell

Swiftly moving blood is your body’s greatest healing force improving the health of every cell, organ and tissue.

Blood flow is involved in every aspect of your life - eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising, thinking, aging, appearance.

Maintaining a robust blood flow keeps you healthier, looking younger, and feeling significantly better.

And it all starts with having a healthy level of nitric oxide!

Nitric Oxide is a Modern Medical Secret That’s Saving Lives.

It's the discovery that won a Nobel Prize for what it does in the body.
Nitric Oxide Nobel Prize
Nitric Oxide opens up blood vessels.

You want them to be as wide as possible so blood can flow like a fast-moving river.

Robust blood flow travels through your entire body delivering rich, oxygenated blood with nutrients and hormones to every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

And remember, most people over 40 have impaired circulation due to a “nitric oxide deficit.”

Give You Entire Body The Oxygen It's Been So Desperately Gasping For

The breakthrough solution is called… BloodFlow-7.

And it represents the next generation in Nitric Oxide Science, with double the power of other N-O formulas.

BloodFlow-7 is the result of decades of research...

While other products may provide amino acids or nitrates, they don’t address the loss of natural antioxidant enzymes that causes N-O to degrade rapidly.

BloodFlow-7 contains several plant-derived antioxidants that target the free radicals that destroy the delicate N-O molecule.

After years of development and many attempts, we finally cracked the code to a 230% boost of nitric oxide.
Double the Power N-O
That’s twice as much N-O as a leading N-O booster.

Which means even better blood flow to critical organs in the body such as the brain and heart.

How can BloodFlow-7 Get Such Incredible Results?

By Boosting Nitric Oxide in 3 Different Ways

Only BloodFlow-7 brings you the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS...
  •   S7™ Protection 
    Patented S7™ botanical blend preserves nitric oxide by shielding against free radical attack—that means it lasts longer in the body. S7™ blows away older forms. No other formula is more potent. We’ve also included trans-resveratrol, which enhances N-O production and prevents its breakdown.

    S7™ is a trademark of VDF FutureCeuticals Inc., used under license.

  •   Food-based nitrates
    Our nitrate-rich beetroot extract stimulates the production of N-O

  •   Amino acids
    70% of N-O is produced in the endothelium and you must supply the raw materials on hand to synthesize on demand!

    Our Nitric Oxide Precursor blend delivers amino acids l-citrulline & l-arginine plus a “booster.” ...and now we’ve combined them with cutting-edge S7™
Nitric Oxide Benefits
BloodFlow-7 Gives Your Body What It Needs For Greater Blood Flow. When you boost your levels of N-O, you WILL enhance blood circulation.

This remarkable remedy is the leader in getting this amazing molecule to every part of your body. You’re 100% satisfied with your results - or it’s FREE!


  • Opening blood vessels by 62%
  • A surge in youthful energy
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • ​More stamina & endurance
  • ​Comfortable legs and feet
  • ​Better blood sugar
  • ​A stronger heart
  • ​Healthy cholesterol
  • ​A sharper brain
  • ​Quality sleep
  • ​Plus, healthy skin, hair and nails

You'll feel the results in 3 hours or sooner.

No other formula offers you 4 clinically-tested ways to dramatically increase your N-O level and blood flow.
Get your Blood Flow going again like you were 10 - 15 years younger...

BloodFlow-7... Your Secret to Newfound Health and a Body Teeming with Vitality...

...Has the Most Effective Nitric Oxide Enhancer Known to Science... the only full- spectrum formula that gives you a 230% boost of nitric oxide...
It brings you 6 clinically tested ingredients that significantly boost nitric oxide in 3 different ways, a breakthrough achievement.

Each ingredient builds and maintains a high level of N-O in your body, increasing blood flow. Within 3 hours you’ll feel reinvigorated, alive and energetic!

BloodFlow-7 is the first full-spectrum, multifaceted Nitric Oxide booster that increases blood flow to your entire body.

This means traveling through tiny capillaries that are critically important to restoring and maintaining your health.

Since these capillaries cover 74% of your body, it makes sense that if you can’t increase your blood flow through them, the vast majority of your organs and cells will be deprived of what they need to stay healthy. When free flowing nutrient- rich, oxygenated blood can’t get to your organs, you’re accelerating the signs of aging.

A 230% Increase in Nitric Oxide.
Striking Endurance Boost
BloodFlow-7 boosts your blood flow by increasing your level of nitric oxide. In a double-blind study, its ingredients increased nitric oxide 230%, a record! This extraordinary molecule relaxes and opens your tiny capillaries, helping blood flow reach every corner of your body.

Your blood then carries nutrients from your food including water and hormones used for optimal cell repair in every single organ, cell and muscle. This helps make them “come alive” so you can rejuvenate your health and remain active, energetic and vital.

So if you yearn for the days when your legs weren’t achy and your hands weren’t so darned cold, do your limbs a favor!

The single best way to lower your blood pressure is to OPEN your blood vessels.
In studying how nitric oxide controls blood pressure, researchers found that blood pressure soars when the endothelial cells that line the arteries were prevented from making the magical nutrient.

Conversely, when people were dosed with a little nitric oxide, their blood pressure dropped.

Dilated blood vessels with flexible linings are key to healthy blood pressure, and nitric oxide is needed for both. Cardiologists call this “vasodilation” and “endothelial function.”

BloodFlow-7’s record on both is phenomenal.

A 30 mg Dose of Trans-resveratrol 

Bloodflow-7 includes a 30 mg dose of trans- resveratrol. Researchers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky reported that arteries opened an extraordinary 62% after this dose was tested.

Your body relies on nitric oxide to lower blood pressure.

It’s released by a thin layer of cells called the endothelium that line your blood vessels. When nitric oxide is made by these cells, they signal the arterial tissues to expand, greatly improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

STOP worrying about getting old…

STOP looking back at all of the things you never got to do in life…

And START living in a brand new body every single day.

There are already thousands of people across the U.S. right now who swear by BloodFlow-7…

And you’re going to hear from some of them in just a moment…

But first…

Let me share the breakthrough activating ingredients inside BloodFlow-7…

That way you can see exactly why this formula is so revolutionary…

And what makes it so incredibly unique.

BloodFlow-7's Breakthrough Ingredient #1:  S7™

S7™ is a stimulant-free, low dose blend of seven plant-based ingredients (Green Coffee Bean extract, Green Tea extract, turmeric extract, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, and kale) that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide by 230%.

S7™ contains no nitrates (such as sodium nitrate, beets, leafy green vegetables), but instead is a clinically researched plant-based sports nutrition ingredient that triggers the best kind of nitric oxide production — your body’s own internal N-O.

S7™ the #1 Ingredient Inside BloodFlow-7, Has Also Been Shown To...

  •   Boost nitric oxide 230% in three hours
  • ​  And is backed by human clinical studies

BloodFlow-7's Breakthrough Ingredient #2:  L-Citrulline/L-Arginine

L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine in the body, which helps the body maintain healthy levels of both L-Arginine and nitric oxide.

Typically L-Arginine is extensively broken down by an enzyme called Arginase during its journey through the GI tract and liver before reaching the blood. L-Citrulline, on the other hand, bypasses the liver after it is absorbed in the GI tract.

Taking L-Citrulline + L-Arginine may help more of the ingested L-Arginine pass through your system and get into the bloodstream. Scientists believe this is why it can boost blood L-Arginine concentrations as well as, if not better than L-Arginine alone.

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled cross-over study, healthy adults showed that L-Citrulline was more potent at raising plasma L-Arginine levels than L-Arginine itself.

Furthermore, researchers at Baylor University report in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that adding L-glutathione makes L-citrulline a more effective N-O booster...

In Summary, L-Citrulline/L-Arginine Inside BloodFlow-7 is Shown To...

  •   Stimulate nitric oxide production to increase blood flow and “feed” hungry organs
  • ​  Be 2X more effective at raising L-arginine levels
  • ​  Be proven by double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled human study
  • ​  Help eliminate waste products that result in fatigue
  • ​  Boost cellular energy

BloodFlow-7's Breakthrough Ingredient #3:  L-Glutathione

In a double-blind study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, men were randomly divided into four groups. One group took L-Glutathione with L-Citrulline. 

The blood of each man was collected to assess N-O levels after 7 days and the group that took L-Glutathione with L-Citrulline did in fact significantly increase their N-O levels in the blood to a much greater degree than the other groups.

In Summary, L-Glutathione is Shown To...

  •   Make L-Citrulline a more effective NO booster – proven by a double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled human study
  •   Ultra pure and backed by years of scientific research
  • ​  Provide antioxidant protection and detoxification

BloodFlow-7's Breakthrough Ingredient #4:  Trans-Resveratrol

Bloodflow-7 includes a 30 mg dose of trans-resveratrol. This speeds oxygen-rich blood through your entire circulatory system.

Because Trans-resveratrol significantly increases Nitric Oxide production in your endothelial cells that line your blood vessels. These cells then release Nitric Oxide in the smooth muscles that surround your blood vessels, causing them to relax or dilate, improving circulation throughout your entire body.

Researchers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky reported that arteries opened an extraordinary 62% after this dose was tested in a double blind placebo controlled study.

Resveratrol helps reduce inflammation, prevents the oxidation of LDL "bad" cholesterol, and makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together and form clots that can lead to a heart attack. Along with promoting cardiovascular health and healthy lipid levels, resveratrol also supports the immune system and has anti-aging and longevity benefits.

Are You Starting To See What Makes BloodFlow7's Formula So Unique?

All of the ingredients in BloodFlow-7 have you covered...

...S7™, the plant-based blend that protects N-O from free radicals...

...Beetroot is a nutrient dense food that contains nitrates your body turns into N-O...

...Amino Acid N-O Precursor blend...

...L-Citrulline is an amino acid that boosts L-arginine which turns into N-O...

...L-Arginine is an amino acid that your body turns into N-O, the miracle molecule!...

...Glutathione is an antioxidant that speeds up the release of N-O from L-arginine...

...Trans-Resveratrol opened arteries up 62% by increasing N-O creation in endothelial cells.

Exercising Used to Leave This 47-Year Old Out of Breath, Now She's Keeping Up With Her 11-Year Old

“Workouts, which used to quickly get me winded and out of breath, are now so much easier. And I noticed a boost of energy which helps me keep up with my busy 11-year old!”

~ Daureen P., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, employee and developer of the BloodFlow-7 product.
Daureen P.

The Body's Greatest Healing Force In The Palm Of Your Hand

Because BloodFlow-7 provides six clinically studied ingredients required for nitric oxide optimization, it can take a very long time to produce a single bottle.

It’s nutrients work together to increase nitric oxide and preserve it in the body for maximum health.

And practically everyone who tries BloodFlow-7 keeps asking for more bottles.

Because they never again want to worry about “growing old,” or feeling completely out of energy.

Plus the health benefits of Nitric Oxide are becoming extremely popular.

This puts even more of a strain on production of BloodFlow-7…

We have recently sold out and it took 3 months to produce new batches.

Because it takes so long to manufacture and it keeps selling out…

...Sadly, I Often Don't Have Any BloodFlow-7 Available For The Public...

But that being said…

I also don’t want ANYONE to feel like they're falling apart...

A fellow researcher at the University of California recently said:
“When high blood pressure isn’t controlled, it doesn’t stay at one high level. Instead, it spirals higher and higher, greatly increasing the risk of a fatality. According to a UC Irvine College of Medicine study, this occurs because high blood pressure deactivates nitric oxide, an important molecular regulator for increasing healthy blood circulation…

This inactivation then triggers a vicious circle of lower levels of nitric oxide and ever higher, uncontrolled blood pressure levels and dangerously weak blood flow.
I’ll show you how you can get your hands on a brand new bottle and how you can try it risk-free as part of our new online program.

But first let me answer the question…

How Much BloodFlow-7 Do You Need To Take 
To Feel A Difference?

Although MANY people feel a difference in as little as 3 hours, because of how powerful the formulation is…

I prescribe…

Three capsules each day, for at least 30 days. (which is what’s in a single bottle.)

The reason it’s important that you take BloodFlow-7 for at least 30 days is very straightforward…

While the ingredients in BloodFlow-7 go to work right away and most people feel a new surge of energy the first day…

What all of the clinical studies show us is that the longer you take each of the ingredients inside BloodFlow-7…

The more your body can benefit.

So It Just Makes Sense To Keep Taking BloodFlow-7 Day-After-Day and Month-After-Month...

And this is why many health professionals recommend that you choose at least 3 bottles of BloodFlow-7…

And 5 bottles if you want to be completely safe…

Then take it for a period of at least 30 days…

That way you can absolutely guarantee that you’ve done everything you can to restore your blood-flow to all of your most vital organs and tissues.

People all over the USA are Tapping into God’s Genius Creation for healing—even those who lost hope!

People who were once worried about ending up in a nursing home…

Who could barely walk without suffering from debilitating pain…

Who were terrified that brain fog was making them more forgetful as they aged…

They’re calling BloodFlow-7 “God’s Genius Creation”...

And today, this is your opportunity to join them.

Feels As If You Hit The Rewind Button On Life

Get a second chance at life every day you take your BloodFlow-7…

It’s a chance to live life on your terms, without regret or looking back on your youth…

Because you’ve taken a huge step to make sure you have both the physical and mental energy you need to be the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

And when you consider that BloodFlow-7 really can do all that for you…
You can probably understand why my Board of Directors was adamant that I set the price of this breakthrough formula at $59.95 a bottle… (But you won’t pay that today.)

Which honestly is what it sells for in my private practice in San Diego.

And yet, while we could easily charge $79.95 a bottle in my private practice...

This Isn't About Making A Profit For Me

Instead, it’s about a promise I made to myself years ago…

After I lost my grandma.

I know what it’s like to see the people you love grow old in front of your eyes…

The emptiness you feel inside because it seems like there’s nothing you could have done differently…

That our bodies are meant to just fall apart as we age. When you once used to be as healthy as a horse…

Are you supposed to just sit back and accept your growing list of health troubles as an inevitable part of getting older?

Not if I have anything to say about it!

As an Age Management physician I help fix the underlying opposed to putting a bandaid on many of the problems.

Patients who remain on my program experience dramatic changes in their health and vitality; decreasing body fat and increasing muscle tone, improving insulin and cholesterol levels, increasing physical vitality, managing stress and improving mental sharpness and sleep quality.

We do not subscribe to traditional medicine’s fix-it-when-it’s broken and diagnose-and-treat philosophies.

Instead, we offer proactive, preventive medical care, enhancing health rather than waiting for age-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes to appear.

With the right guidance, education, and therapies, we are all capable of achieving optimal health and well-being. 

No patient is too sick to improve his or her health.

See how the breakthrough formula in BloodFlow-7 can help extend your YOUTH-SPAN for longer than nature intended!

You Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED—OR IT'S FREE!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Works On the First Day—Guaranteed, or it's FREE!

We don’t just guarantee that BloodFlow-7 will work for you. We guarantee that it will work for you on the first day. Whether it’s enhancing your energy, boosting your endurance, staying alert or sleeping better. And you have 60 days to try it out at NO RISK! It does all you hoped for or return it. Even if the bottle is empty, for a full refund, less S&H.

Why Am I So Sure It Works?


The majority of remedies have small doses of their key active ingredients. That’s why they rarely fix your problems. BloodFlow-7 brings you full clinical doses so you get real results!

Have My Unconditional Guarantee That BloodFlow-7 Does EVERYTHING I Say It Will—Or It's FREE!

  • ​  You Must Feel a New Surge Of Energy On Day 1: Your cells are now fighting back when free radicals attack.

  •    Your Symptoms Start Easing—You Feel Much Better: Your immune system is revitalized to protect your body once again.

  • ​   Your Doctor Even Notices The Difference: Your next check-up goes much better than you had ever hoped for.

  • ​   You have a New Outlook On Each Day: Gone is the dreary attitude—you must feel energized and vigorous—as if years were just peeled away!
You have to be 100% satisfied with BloodFlow-7—so try it out for 60 days. YOU HAVE TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCE or return it for a full refund, less S&H.

(BloodFlow-7 is not sold in stores, and this offer may not be repeated. Demand is expected to surge for this revolutionary formula. We urge you to act now. Online orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.)

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Simply enter your shipping information on the next page to get Blood-Flow7 rushed directly to your door. Online orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
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And remember, you’re covered by our NO-RISK Unconditional Guarantee That BloodFlow-7 Does EVERYTHING I Say It Will—Or It’s FREE!

That’s right, try it out for a FULL 2 MONTHS. If you don’t feel an increase in your energy, vitality and stamina, you DON’T even need to return your empty bottles. Simply let me know it’s not for you. You have to be 100% satisfied with BloodFlow-7 or we’ll promptly return your money (less shipping) - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
You have two options… You can go on with life, and live with getting older…

Feel exhausted and rundown like you're 10 years older than you really are...

Battle "brain fog" and embarrassing memory lapses…

Worry about high blood pressure and cholesterol problems and take prescription medications with all sorts of side effects...

Or you can take action today and Change Your Life Forever.

The Choice Is Yours...

You can ignore everything you’ve learned today…

The incredible studies show that the ingredients in BloodFlow-7 can increase your blood flow.

How BloodFlow-7 increases N-O by 230% in just 3 hours and how it’s double the power of other brands.

So that you can beat the normal aging process, and age younger and healthier instead.

If that’s the choice you make - to not take action today…

Then there’s no hard feelings, and I wish you all the best…

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Imagine the next time you’re feeling your age…

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Your decision today is covered by my Full 60 Day, 100% Money Back Empty Bottle Guarantee…

So you truly have nothing to lose…

And an entirely new body to gain.

Ultimately the decision is yours...

But I trust you’ll make the right decision that’s best for you and your loved ones.

In Good Health,
Dr. Farnesi
Doctor Darren Farnesi
Dr. Darren Farnesi

Frequently Asked Questions About N-O and BloodFlow-7

Q.  What is Nitric Oxide and why do I need it?
A:  Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it signals your blood vessels to relax, increasing blood flow. It’s a very short-lived gas which means your body has to have an available supply of raw materials (our ingredients) on hand to create it on demand. As a gas, it can’t be stored for later use. 

N-O nourishes virtually every organ and cell, ensuring they function at optimal levels. It’s nature’s powerful force for complete head-to-toe wellness, not just one condition. And it does this by powering strong blood flows that transports oxygen, nutrients, water and hormones to every cell in every organ.  

Q.  How does BloodFlow-7 help me?
A:  It supplies your body with all the raw materials you need to make and sustain N-O for long periods of time. It also protects your N-O once it is made, contributing to a longer life and greater efficacy for keeping you robustly healthy. As you age, your N-O levels plunge. By 40, you make 50% less than you did as a teenager. At 75 you make 70% less! 

Q.  What makes BloodFlow-7 different from any other formula?
A:  It makes a maximum level of N-O in your body by creating it 3 ways. Most formulas rely on one way because they’re cutting costs! Our 3 ways are whole food sources, precursors that create N-O, and protecting N-O from free radicals. This difference makes BloodFlow-7 utterly revolutionary.

Q.   Do I need a prescription to take BloodFlow-7?
A:  BloodFlow-7 is available to you without a prescription. 

Q.   What type of clinical research is there?
A:  The ingredients in BloodFlow-7 are supported by dozens of human clinical trials published in our nation’s leading medical journals including The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Circulation and The British Medical Journal. 

Q.   Will I feel a noticeable difference when taking BloodFlow-7?
A:  Yes! BloodFlow-7’s ingredients act very rapidly. This includes a 230% increase in nitric oxide in under 3 hours with the very first dose. You will feel and a surge of vigor and vitality you haven’t felt in years.

Q.  What’s my next step?
A:  Try BloodFlow-7 risk-free. It works for you or it’s free. Please do it now, it’s first-come, first-served and demand is significant.
Koshland DE, Jr.: The molecule of the year. Science (1992) 258 (5090):1861.

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Your results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Your results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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